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Personal Accident Insurance for Cyclists.

NoWorries Bike Cover is a specialist bicycle and cyclist insurance provider - that's why we provide you with Personal Accident Insurance as part of our standard policy.

Personal Accident Cover for You

You can relax knowing that when you're in the saddle you're covered by NoWorries Bike Cover's comprehensive bike insurance.  This includes our Personal Accident protection whilst riding or racing your bike - anywhere in the world.

We will cover you for up to $10,000 if you suffer a defined injury whilst riding your bike.  We will also pay you a broken bone benefit of $500 if you break any bones whilst riding your bicycle.

NoWorries Bike Cover - relax, we cover all this stuff as standard!

NoWorries Bike Cover - Personal Accident Summary of Cover

Cover type


Personal Accident up to $10,000

We will cover You for death, permanent and total loss of sight of an eye, thumb, finger or use of a limb caused solely by an Accident while You are riding Your Bicycle insured under this Policy.




Broken Bone Benefit - $500

We will also pay a broken bone benefit of $500 if You break any bones whilst riding Your Bicycle insured under this Policy.  The maximum benefit We will pay is $500 any one Event and $1,000 any one insurance period.





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100% Australian Owned & Operated

What else would you expect from NoWorries! We’re really proud to be 100% Aussie owned and operated.  Our call centre is based in Sydney and our team of bike insurance specialists are on hand to help you with you Bike insurance needs.