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New for Old Replacement - it's the NoWorries way!

NoWorries Bike Cover provides specialist bike insurance for cyclists and bikers everywhere. This includes New for Old Replacement for your prized wheels.

We will provide new for old replacement if Your Bicycle is declared a Total Loss within 12 months of being purchased new from a Bicycle Retailer.  This cover is limited to the original Recommended Retail Price for your Make and Model of Bicycle at the time of original new purchase.

Our New for Old Replacement benefit extends across the range of benefits included in our NoWorries Bike Cover Policy which includes:

  • Theft & Accidental Damage
  • Damage whilst in Transit including Racing Risk
  • Damage whilst in Use
  • Custom Parts & Accessories

At NoWorries we want you to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered where ever you pedal – that’s why we include New for Old Replacement in our standard NoWorries Bike Cover policy.

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100% Australian Owned & Operated

What else would you expect from NoWorries! We’re really proud to be 100% Aussie owned and operated.  Our call centre is based in Sydney and our team of bike insurance specialists are on hand to help you with you Bike insurance needs.

Product Disclosure Statement

Product Disclosure Statement

Download / Print

Download or print our Bike cover Product Disclosure Statement using the link above.

Important Security Requirements

When your bicycle is unattended, you must ensure that your Bicycle is securely locked in either:
• A fully enclosed building or out building with walls and a roof, or
• Securely locked to an immovable object through the frame using an approved lock.

When your bicycle is being transported or stored in a motor vehicle it must be:
• Left in an enclosed motor vehicle boot, securely locked and not accessible by breaking any window or partition

• If your bicycle is stored inside a motor vehicle and is visible from outside the motor vehicle it must be locked to a permanent fixture with in the motor vehicle (e.g. a door handle).

Additional Excess for Damage caused by Racing

In the event of a claim which is casued whilst racing there is an additional excess of $500 or 10% of the Sum Insured whichever is the lesser.

Additional Excess for Theft or Damage in Transit

In the event of theft of your bicycle or damage caused whilst in transit there is an additional excess of $500 or 10% of the Sum Insured whichever is the lesser.

NoWorries Bike Cover - Approved Locks

An approved lock in our books is any cable, chain or “D” lock secured with either a combination or key locking mechanism with a minimum purchase price of $50 or;

a lock listed in the Approved Lock list.  To view our list of Approved Locks click here.


Having trouble deciding?

Do I need specific Bike Insurance?
If you're serious about cycling chances are you will need No Worries Bike Cover. LEARN MORE

What value should I insure my Bike?
If your bike is under 12 months old then it's replacement value . If it's over 12 months, then current market value.
What optional extras can I choose?
Custom Parts & Accessories your thing - with No Worries Bike Cover we've got you covered. 

Why choose NoWorries Insurance?
Big Savings. Great Cover. Peace of Mind. Insurance that's made for people serious about their cycling.