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Worldwide Bike Insurance for those who like to travel two wheel style.

Travel Insurance for Your Wheels

NoWorries Bike Cover provides specialist bike insurance for cyclists and bikers everywhere. When we say everywhere we mean it.

We are one of the only insurers who provide year round Worldwide Cover for you and your bike as part of our standard policy. Most specialist bike insurers will require you to notify them before you travel or have a limited period you can be outside of Australia.

At NoWorries we want you to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered where ever you pedal – that’s why we include Worldwide cover all year round in our standard NoWorries Bike Cover policy.

Important Information: Waiting Period for cover outside of Australia

We will only extend cover outside of Australia if the bicycle you are taking overseas has been insured with us for a minimum of 90 consecutive days prior to your overseas departure.

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If you are looking at cycle touring then be sure to read our blog article Stay on Track when buying cycle touring travel insurance. It provides useful information on Bike Touring Travel Insurance as well as Bike Insurance for your wheels.

Our standard cover extends to anywhere in the world and includes cover for the following:

NoWorries Bike Cover - Summary of Cover

Cover type

Standard Excess

Damage whilst in use*


Damage whilst in competition*


New for Old Replacement (Under 12 months old)


Bike Accessories (Wheels, Pedals, Saddle etc)


Personal Accident


Theft or Damage whilst in Transit* 



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*Important Information - Additional Excesses

Additional Excess for Damage caused by Racing

In the event of a claim which is casued whilst racing there is an additional excess of $500 or 10% of the Sum Insured whichever is the lesser.

Additional Excess for Theft or Damage in Transit

In the event of theft of your bicycle or damage caused whilst in transit there is an additional excess of $500 or 10% of the Sum Insured whichever is the lesser.


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Travel Insurance for You

Cycling at home or away does present it’s risks so you need to make sure you’re covered with the right Travel Insurance.  If you come off your bike and sustain an injury which requires hospitalisation or even worse, an emergency evacuation, your medical bills could spiral leaving you financially crippled.

NoWorries Travel Cover specifically caters for cyclists and bikers travelling two wheel style.  It provides great value Travel Insurance and includes all the following benefits:

Summary of Benefits - NoWorries Travel Cover


Policy Limits

Overseas Medical Expenses & Evacuation

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Overseas medical, emergency dental, hospital and ambulance costs and, when approved by us, emergency repatriation should you sustain injury or suffer an illness.




$25,000,000 per person
$25,000,000 per trip

Changes to Your Trip 

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Loss of irrecoverable deposits and payments made in advance for unused travel and accommodation as a result of certain unforeseen and unforeseeable circumstances. 



$50,000 per person
$50,000 per trip

Baggage & Personal Property

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Accidental loss, damage or theft of your personal belongings. Sub‐limits apply to certain electrical items, sporting equipment and valuables. 



$20,000 per person
$30,000 per trip

Personal Money & Travel Documents

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Theft of your personal money and loss, theft or damage to your passport or other travel documents. 


$1,000 per person
$2,000 per trip

Ski & Golf Pass Fees

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Loss of unused ski/golf pass, ski/golf equipment hire or ski/golf tuition fee if you are unable to ski or play golf during a trip due to certain unforeseen circumstances. 



$500 per person
$1,500 per trip

Rental Vehicle Excess Reimbursement

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Reimbursement of an excess you are required to pay in the event of accidental damage, malicious damage or theft of a motor vehicle you have rented from a licensed rental agency and whilst you were the driver. 



$3,000 per person
$3,000 per trip

Personal Accident

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A lump sum benefit should you sustain accidental bodily injury that, within 12 months of the date of the injury, is the sole and direct cause of death, loss of sight, loss of limb(s) or permanent total disablement, as defined. 



$20,000 per person
$100,000 per trip

Personal Liability

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Legal liability resulting from your causing accidental injury to other person(s) or damage to their property. 



$2,500,000 per person
$2,500,000 per trip


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100% Australian Owned & Operated

What else would you expect from NoWorries! We’re really proud to be 100% Aussie owned and operated.  Our call centre is based in Sydney and our team of bike insurance specialists are on hand to help you with you Cycle Touring insurance needs.