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The events in Bali concerning Mt Agung may effect a number of our customers.  We appreciate there are many of our customers who have concerns around how your cover will respond.  

The following warnings have been issued by Indonesia's National Disaster Management Authority in relation to the Mt Agung volcano.

The Activity Travel Guide to Japan

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What images come to your mind when you think about Japan? For the uninitiated who have never visited, these images may include a people who are overly formal and polite, cherry blossoms, bonsai, the view of Mount Fuji, and maybe pictures of a Samurai heritage. And though these are all correct, they are only a single facet of a country and people with a rich heritage that goes back thousands of years, a diverse culture, and a lifestyle rich in tradition.

Top Tips to Prevent Bike Theft

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Bicycle Theft is on the rise and continues to be a major headache for authorities around Australia.  

With bicycles becoming more and more expensive they are becoming a target for criminals everywhere.  The NoWorries Bike Cover team has put togther their Top Tips for preventing your bike from becoming another crime statisitic.

These include:

Spring Skiing: The 10 Finest March and April Ski Locations

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For skiers, March is not typically the ideal time of year. The northern hemisphere is in spring, warming towards summer, and most of the southern hemisphere is not quite cold enough just yet for ski season to cut in.

But for people looking to take a ski holiday, it’s still possible to find some great slopes in March. Here are our picks for the best places for late season skiing.

1. Val Thorens, France

Aerial view of Val Thorens France 

Travel Tips for the Avid Biker

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Two cyclists overlooking beautiful lake at sunset

There is surely no better way to take in the scenery of a country than by touring it on a bicycle. You’ll be able to see much more than you would on foot, and at the same time touring on a bike offers a sense of adventure that can make for a memorable holiday.

But travelling with a bicycle poses some unique challenges that you should be aware of before setting out.