Buyer beware when buying ski travel insurance


Ski Travel insurance is not as simple as you may think.  Many travel insurers exclude winter sports activities from their cover or require you to upgrade your cover to have these activities included. It is critical that when you go on your next ski or snowboarding trip that you check your travel insurance policy to ensure winter sport activities are covered.

Let’s consider the cost of when things go wrong on the mountain. 

There are many ski accidents around the world everyday which require emergency medical attention.  An accident on the slopes will require special care and attention when rescuing and treating the injured person.  Typically a serious accident on the mountain requires

  • helicopter medical evacuation
  • inpatient care at regional hospital
  • transfer to major hospital facility
  • treatment in overseas hospital
  • medical repatriation to Australia

Expected cost – In excess of $1,000,000……and the rest!

We’re often going to places which have great snow like Canada, USA and Japan.  Do you know that these places have some of the highest medical costs in the world?  The last thing you want is to find out is that your travel insurance doesn’t cover for medical expenses in these countries because they exclude winter sport activities.

This is where cheap travel insurance can end up costing you a fortune leading to significant financial stress and even financial ruin.

If you choose the right travel insurance policy you’ll have no worries.   If something goes wrong you’ll be covered for medical expenses and emergency evacuation as a result of an accident.  If you go with a specialist ski travel insurance providers like No Worries Travel Cover you will get great cover that is designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders.

No Worries Travel Cover also includes great benefits such as:

Ski Hire

Cover for hire equipment if your equipment is lost or damaged.

Ski Equipment

Cover for loss or damage to your own equipment including whilst in use

Ski Passes

Cover for cost of your ski passes if they are lost, stolen or you are to ill too ski.

Piste Closure

Cover for sending you to another resort if the one you have booked is closed

Delay due to weather

Cover for additional travel and accommodation if you are delayed in arriving at your resort due to adverse weather conditions.


So if you want no worries on your next ski or snowboarding holiday get your ski travel insurance at

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