Save BIG on Rental Car Insurance

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Want to save money the next time you rent a car? There is a really simple way to save loads of money and get the cheapest rental excess insurance around.

It's travel insurance. Most people don't realise that most decent travel insurance policies will cover you for any rental insurance excess you incur as a result of an accident whilst renting a vehicle. Most people also don't realise that travel insurance is the cheapest, easiest and most cost effective method of insuring yourself against a bingle whilst driving the rental car.

If you're renting a car overseas then you should have travel insurance anyway. This means you will automatically have rental excess insurance reimbursement cover if you have a decent policy like NoWorries Travel Cover. We provide up to $4,000 in rental excess reimbursement cover as standard with every policy sold.

So what if you're renting a car in Australia?

NoWorries Travel Cover provides rental excess reimbursement on domestic travel policies as well and cover starts from as low as $2.50 per day.   Our travel insurance rates are seriously cheap and not only cover you for rental excess reimbursement but also covers for you for:

  •  Trip Cancellation
  •  Luggage
  •  Personal Money and Travel Documents
  •  Ski & Golf Pass Fees
  •  Personal Accident
  •  Personal Liability

So not only do you get the best travel insurance for your next domestic holiday you also get big savings on your rental excess insurance.

We've looked at some of the alternatives to taking out travel insurance for your rental excess cover and the results are worth reading if you want to save big.

Hire Car Companies

This has to be one of the most expensive ways to insure your rental excess. We've all been there - at the hire desk when the attendant smiles and says for $20 per day you can reduce your excess from $3,000 to $250. At that moment $20 per day seems ok for peace of mind but it is costing way more than it should!  Buying rental excess insurance through hire car companies is as expensive as insurance gets.  We've benchmarked a number of the bigger rental companies and found some are charging over $20 per day for insurance simply to reduce your excess .

To put this in perspective NoWorries Insurance offer great Travel Insurance for 7 days within Australia from as little as $5.37 per day. This includes rental excess reimbursement and a great range of other benefits as well.

Rental Excess Insurance Companies

There is also the option of looking at an insurer who specialises in rental excess insurance.  The number of companies providing this option continues to grow - and for good reason. The premiums charged on a per day basis are still much higher than a decent travel insurance policy like NoWorries Travel Cover - and the insurers are loving it! We've benchmarked some of the specialist rental excess insurers and their premiums are over $15 per day for simple rental excess insurance. It's still a really expensive way of insuring yourself against what effectively is a large excess.

NoWorries Insurance

If you're renting a vehicle in Australia - simply take out a domestic travel insurance policy through NoWorries Insurance and you could save big.  NoWorries Travel Cover provides you with great cover which includes rental excess reimbursement up to $4000 any one trip.  So you'll save loads with a single trip policy and you'll save even more with an Annual Multi-Trip Insurance policy. NoWorries Travel Insurance is the cheapest way to insure yourself against those nasty rental car excesses.

So it's really simple - if you're looking at taking out rental excess insurance you should really consider a travel insurance policy with NoWorries Insurance.  You'll benefit from big savings and great cover at the same time giving you that NoWorries feeling!

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