NoWorries Insurance Price Promise

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  1. The offer is available to any Australian resident.
  2. This offer may be withdrawn at any time.
  3. In order to take advantage of the offer you must provide us with a current renewal notice or written quotation from a competitor on a comparable travel or bicycle insurance product.
  4. The offer is only available on comparable travel or bicycle insurance policies on a like-for-like basis having regard to the policy type and level of cover. We will decide whether the policies are comparable.
  5. In order to work out what is comparable, we will ask you for details about the competitor's renewal notice written quotation, including the following:
    1. Name of insurer
    2. Policy type
    3. Policy number or Quotation Reference
    4. Renewal due date or the effective date of the Competitor Policy
    5. What benefits are covered
    6. The amount you are covered for
    7. The activities that are covered
    8. Where in the world you are covered
    9. Age of the named insured
    10. Basic excess
    11. Any other applicable policy options.
  6. If you provide us with the Competitor Policy and:
    1. Our price is lower than the price on the Competitor Policy we will give you our price.
    2. Our price is not lower than the price on the Competitor Policy we will beat the Competitor Policy price. 

In any case, we will offer you our closest comparable policy (including level of basic excess and options) to the Competitor Policy having regard to the information you have provided to us about the Competitor Policy.

  1. You may be requested to provide written proof of the Competitor Policy. If requested, you must provide this within 14 days or the offer will be deemed to have lapsed.
  2. Whether we issue a policy and on what terms, is subject to our normal underwriting criteria and practices.
  3. The offer does not apply to existing NoWorries Insurance customers