Adventure Travel

Get More Adventure with NoWorries Travel Cover.

NoWorries Insurance are the Adventure Travel Speciailsts.  We cover a bigger range of activities as standard so you can relax and get on with making the most of your travels.

Huge range of Activities Covered - All Day, Every Day!

We believe in giving our customers that NoWorries feeling. Great cover - All Day, Every Day! Many travel insurers will require you to upgrade your policy to be covered for higher risk activities. Before you go anywhere else for your travel insurance - ask yourself am I covered for all of these activities as standard? 

  • Surfing
  • Cycle Touring
  • Scuba Diving (up to 30m for qualified divers or where accompanied by qualified instructor)
  • Canoeing (up to grade 5 water rapids)
  • Kayaking (up to grade 5 water rapids)
  • Rafting (up to grade 5 water rapids)

Because with NoWorries Travel Cover we cover you for these activities as standard - All Day, Every Day.

Our Partners

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We partner with leading travel operators like Exodus Travel to make sure their customers can have peace of mind whether it's climbing Mt Everest or trekking in Antarctica.  It's all about making the most of your travels with NoWorries Travel Cover.  Talk to the team at Exodus for your next Adventure Travel Holiday and get access to our exclusive Travel Cover made for Exdous Tours.