Travel Cover FAQs


What sporting activities am I covered for with No Worries Travel Cover?

No Worries Travel Cover is designed to let you enjoy the things you love even more by knowing that you're covered. 

That's why we include these sporting activities as standard: 

  • Scuba Diving 
  • Bungee 
  • Surfing 
  • Cycling

We also provide cover for canoeing and kayaking, as long as it doesn't involve white water rapids in excess of grade 5.

Take out our Winter Sports Option and get covered for:

  • Skiing (including Glacier, Cross Country & Off Piste)
  • Snowboarding (including Off Piste)
  • Skidooing, Snowmobiling & Tobogganing

and many other winter sports activities.

Do you provide cover for professional sports persons?

No, unfortunately we are unable to offer cover to sport professionals.

What does the Winter Sports option cover me for?

Our winter sports option protects you against losses arising from the following activities:

Alpine skiing and snowboarding, curling, glacier skiing, ice skating, mono skiing, Nordic skiing (cross country), ski bobbing, skidooing, snowmobiling and tobogganing.

The Winter Sports Option also includes our Winter Sports Pack which covers up to $500 per person for:

  • Hire costs if your ski equipment is delayed in transit
  • Loss or damage to your ski equipment
  • Ski Pass & Hire Expense cover for injury, illness or theft
  • Travel costs to the nearest open piste if your resort is closed
  • Travel delay expenses due to weather conditions

Refer to the PDS for full details of cover provided including terms and conditions.


What’s covered within the Ski Pass Fees section of your policy? 

You are covered up to the amount stated in the schedule for the value of any ski pass, ski equipment hire or any ski tuition fee that is unused due to: 
1. Your accidental bodily injury or illness that has prevented you from skiing (you must supply written medical confirmation of this)
2. Loss or theft of your ski pass


Do you provide cover for my golf and winter sports equipment whilst I'm overseas?

We sure do. Selecting a comprehensive policy will provide cover for your sporting equipment up to a maximum $2,000.

Do you provide cover for overseas cycle touring holidays?

Yes, we provide cover for cycle touring.

What am I covered for if I cancel my trip prior to leaving?

If you have to cancel your trip due to an insured event, we will cover you for the cost of rescheduling your trip or the loss of unused pre-paid travel expenses (whichever is the lesser) up to the sum insured in the policy schedule.

If I'm overseas and I have to cut my trip short - am I covered?

If you cut your trip short due to an insured event we will cover you for a proportionate refund of your unused pre-paid travel payments up to the sum insured in the policy schedule.

If I have a special event to attend and my travel arrangements are delayed, will you cover me for alternative travel expenses?

Yes. If you have selected a comprehensive policy and have a wedding, funeral, conference or sporting event which cannot be delayed as a consequence of your late arrival, we will cover you for the reasonable cost of using alternative public transport travel arrangements to arrive at your destination on time.

Am I able to increase the individual limit for my laptop / camera / video recorder above the specified limit for my selected cover?

Yes, absolutely. We cover items up to a maximum of $5,000 per item and you can opt to increase your cover for the individual items when you complete the on-line application form.  

Can you provide travel insurance for a pre-existing medical condition?

Pre-Existing Medical Condition means any medical or dental condition, or injury, defect or disease: - for which advice or treatment (including medication), or investigation has been received or prescribed in the 12 months prior to the issue of the policy (for Single Trip), or in the 12 months prior to booking your Trip (for Annual Multi-Trip); and/or - which is of a recurring or ongoing nature or any complication directly attributable to it; and/or - of which you are aware, or the symptoms of which you are aware, or could reasonably be expected to have been aware at the time of applying for this insurance.

Anyone on whom the trip may depend: All insured persons should note that there is no cover for any Pre‐Existing Medical Condition of a Close Relative, Business Colleague, travelling companion, person with whom you intend to stay or anyone else on whom the trip may depend.

You are already covered for 38 pre-existing medical conditions, provided that you:

a) Have not been hospitalised in the past 24 months (including day surgery or emergency department attendance)
b) Do not have any other pre-existing medical conditions
c) You are under the age of 55 at the time of applying for your insurance.

To view the full list of the pre-agreed pre-existing medical conditions, please click here.

Does your travel insurance accommodate cover for pregnancy? 

We provide cover up to the 26th week of pregnancy, however we do not provide cover: 

a) If the pregnancy resulted from an assisted reproductive programme, including IVF
b) If complications exist with the pregnancy at the time the trip is booked or insurance is purchased (whichever is the later)  
c) For childbirth and care of a new-born child born during a trip. 

If I work whilst I’m overseas, will I be covered by travel insurance?

As long as the work is not manual or hazardous, you will still be covered by travel insurance.

What does my Rental Excess Insurance actually cover me for?

In the event you rent a vehicle from a licensed rental agency during your trip, you are covered for the excess stated within their specific schedule up to the sum insured in the policy schedule. This is providing that you are the driver, and that the vehicle: 
a) Was involved in a motor vehicle accident; or 
b) Has suffered loss or damage as a result of malicious damage or theft. 


Can I take out travel insurance if I am already overseas?

In order to apply for our travel insurance online you and all people travelling must be commencing and ending your trip in Australia and have been an Australian resident for at least 3 months. 

What happens if I need medical attention when I'm overseas?

The medical emergency assistance company must be notified within 48 hours of admission to hospital for in-patient care, emergency repatriation or cutting your trip short. 

Please be aware that if you are required to leave your trip early, you must also notify the specified medical emergency assistance company prior to your departure back home.

If I return early from my overseas holiday can I get a refund on my travel insurance policy?

Unfortunately, no. Once you have commenced your trip, we are unable to provide a refund.

Am I covered if I have an accident on a motorcycle whilst travelling overseas?

We will provide cover for motorcycle accidents, as long as the following conditions are met:  

• The motorcycle involved is 125cc or less
• A current and full license must be held by the driver, which is valid within the country of incident 
• The driver and passenger are both wearing safety crash helmets

Who do I contact if I need Emergency Assistance?

In the event of a medical emergency covered by NoWorries Travel Cover, a 24-hour worldwide telephone assistance service is available to you. This is provided to our customers by Intana Assist.

24/ 7 Emergency Assistance Hotline:  +44 14444 42026
Intana Assist Email:

If you are calling from within the UK, you will need to dial 014444 42026

It is important to note that this insurance will only cover in-patient care, emergency repatriation or curtailment that has been authorised by Intana Assist. You must ensure that they are notified within *48 hours of admission to hospital, and for curtailment, prior to departure back to your country of residence.

*Intana Assist will accept reverse charges if you do not have funds to make the call.


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